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Hot Spot Poker is about the hottest deals in online poker, which mean continuous value for all our readers each week. Players on all levels of play will find something useful and most importantly get the money in their pockets.

The best way to get more money in your pocket by playing online poker is by taking advantage of the many possible ways get valueback from poker sites. Valueback can come in many different formats and not one single form can be said to be more valuable.

The most popular way to get valueback is by signing up for poker rakeback. A poker rakeback deal provide players with a fixed percentage back from all rake paid each week/month, which can be considered a discount when playing online poker. Among the most popular rakeback deals available at the moment you find Full Tilt Poker Rakeback, where players can receive rakeback each week.

Other poker sites do not offer direct rakeback, but instead gives money back through their VIP loyalty programs. This does not make the valueback worse and often players can receive even more money back this way. Normally this form of valueback depends on how much you play, and the more you play, the more you get back. At the moment we can recommend PokerStars Rakeback and Party Poker Rakeback, which provide players with up to 53 % and 40 % respectively through VIP loyalty programs.

Of cause online poker bonuses should also be mentioned as a form of valueback. Poker bonuses are often overlooked in this regard, but actually give incredible valueback when signing up at a new poker site. Players can normally receive between 10-30 % extra valueback from bonuses, which normally comes on top of the regular forms mentioned above.

We would like to mention the many great casino bonuses out there as well, and although our focus is on online poker, we continuously provide you the best from this world. These bonuses can often be huge and gives you great opportunities to win big jackpots with minimal risk.

Here at Hot Spot Poker we wish you happy reading and hopefully big winnings in the future.