Livescore Creates a Sports Betting Revolution

livescore.dkLivescore is a revolutionary way to follow all types of sporting disciplines with results uploaded to the dedicated livescore websites in real time. Since the proliferation of satellite systems and rapid internet connections that reach out to some of the most remote areas on the globe sports fans and people who adore sports betting can now access ‘up to the second’ information about most high profile sports at any time of the day or night.

You certainly don’t need to hang onto the remote control of your TV trying to get a few bits of info from Teletext or glean a few words about current results from sports channels. Those days are well and truly over and nobody wants to see them come back. The frustration of not knowing how the various teams were performing or how individual athletes were holding their own in international competitions across the continents is no longer necessary with livescore.

Stay In the Loop

The service is totally free and when you opt to join a reputable sports betting site, you are sure to get the benefits of livescore on the sports betting platform which will give you the information you need to place successful wagers live during play. It is perhaps not a coincidence that since livescore became a current phenomenon there has been a true explosion of interest in betting live during play. Livescore will also give you info about the current standing of the teams or participants in an event along with the names of the teams playing and the substitutions as they arise. You can follow livescore and make your sports betting count by following our link below.


Unibet Sports Offers Excellent Sports Info

Unibet sports picChoosing your online sports book is a delicate matter that needs careful consideration as when you log on to place your sports bets you certainly don’t want to be embroiled in a massive amount of info which is not relevant to your desired sporting option. At Unibet you will find a simply set out sports betting platform which guides you in how to make your bets and offers support at any time you want it through an outstanding customer services centre.

Free Expert Advice for Customers

As soon as you log on you will find the ‘Armchair Experts’ tab right in front of you where you can read the blogs and follow the twitter comments of famous sports men who are specialists in their sport. Meet the Expert in Rugby, Gavin Hastings who captained the Scotland team and also the ‘British Lions’ offering valuable tips to rugby fans. You will also find Sir Ian Botham who has a fine reputation in the world of cricket and is reputed to be one of the best cricketers in the world as well as Goran Ivanisevic who is there to give you advice and tips about tennis which he knows a lot about as he has 22 world titles to his name. The Statistics page gives you a wealth of stats about all the sports represented at Unibet Sports and the possibility to get the info into perspective in such a way as to show you trends and possible ways to bet successfully. Unibet Sports does a lot to help its customers place informative bets so register an account today using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £25 in free bets.


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Innovation Is King at Betfair Sports

betfair sport new pictureBetfair Sports offers a sports betting platform that is full of sporting action at all times of day and brimming with specials and betting activity on many levels. You are able to bet before the start of a fixture on the thousands of markets posted every day, bet live in play and place bets from your mobile device on all markets on the sports betting platform. Betfair also offers a world class betting exchange that was actually the first one to be introduced on the internet in a revolutionary move that made history in the sports betting business. Punters are enabled through the exchange to place bets against each other and in this way millions of pounds are traded on the exchange in what is a thrilling and lucrative way to bet. This is a completely different option to the traditional sports betting where punters place bets against a sports book and either win or lose. The sports book benefits from the betting exchange by taking a small commission on the activity that punters engage in whether they want to offer odds which is termed ‘laying’ or accept odds offered by somebody else called ‘backing’.

Check Out the Cashout Feature

Another brilliant feature that is new to Betfair Sports is the concept of Cash out. This is for punters who place bets live during play and are given the option at any time during an event, represented on the screen by a timeline to lock in their profits or minimize losses from a bet by cashing out. Register a new account today with Betfair Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus in the form of a free bet worth up to £20.


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Ladbrokes Sports Makes Betting Fast and Convenient

ladbrokes sport horse racing picJust when you think that the odds just couldn’t possibly get any better or more rewarding for your selected betting markets, Ladbrokes Sports comes up with a ‘Price Boost’ on some high profile fixtures or events where suddenly the odds are sky high! You will find these kinds of amazing surprises on the home page on the day that the event is due to take place so make sure that you check out the markets nice and early to get the best offers for your favourite sports.

The Weekend Quickslip is another coupon that you must keep an eye on as Ladbrokes sports gives amazing bonus offers on this special coupon particularly on Saturdays when the sporting action is traditionally at its peak and punters have some time to sit down calmly to select the fixtures that look very hopeful for them. The Weekend Quickslip is the ideal coupon to get your wagers in fast and hassle free and is a superb option when you know exactly which sport and which markets interest you.

Will They Score or Won’t They?

You may be sitting on a bus or train or waiting somewhere and need to get your bets in fast before moving on to do your tasks for the day. The Weekend Quickslip is conveniently located under the Goalrush Coupon on the left side of the home page. Select the Goalrush Coupon in addition to your other bets where you simply need to choose an event and say whether Both Teams Will Score or neither Team Will Score. Register an account today with Ladbrokes Sports using our link below and include the bonuscode THREE10 where you get £30 in free bets when you bet just £10.


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Benefit From Livescore When Placing Sports Bets

livescore.dkLivescore is a great way for sports fans to stay fully up to date with the scores as they happen during games and fixtures anywhere in the world. Thanks to satellite technology and an internet system that is rapid and reaches all corners of the globe, it is now possible for sports fans to check scores at any time without having to wonder what is happening in a match or in several events. The television and radio has been superseded by the availability of livescore so that the TV is a great place to watch games as they are aired for the sheer pleasure of relaxing in front of an unfolding event.

Decide When To Cash Out!

Whilst you watch your game you can check the livescores of a multitude of sporting events taking place in other locations and on other continents. Livescore is a tool that can make sports betting fans a lot of money as it gives fans the information with which to place bets live in play. Some sports betting platforms also offer a cashout option for a punter to opt to stop the wager at a certain point in time before a game finishes and either cut his losses or take the gains even though they are less than would have been received from a successful wager at the end of an event. Sometimes you don’t want to risk a sudden change in the way events are unfolding so it is a perfect time to say, ‘enough is enough’. Betting live in play has become a very fast growing option pursued by sports betting fans everywhere and you can join them by clicking on our link below and joining one of our recommended sports betting sites.


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Join the Delighted Winners at BetVictor Sports

BetVictor Sports Free bet pictureThere are plenty of promotions offered by BetVictor Sports and to see just how often BetVictor actually paid out on recent special offers you just need to click on the ‘Recent Payouts’ tab on the left side of the page where the huge spectrum of sports are listed along with the Top Sports which are currently Football, Horse Racing and Darts. This decision to show to potential customers, even before they register a new account at BetVictor Sports the way that the public are paid out promptly and fully just as is promised on the home page shows exactly how transparent BetVictor Sports is and how the reputation for integrity and honesty stands just as it has always been the attractive point about

Victor Chandler Makes His Presence Felt

Victor Chandler who is still a very active person on the team at BetVictor still engages in the day to day decisions and often posts some incredibly generous offers to reward the customers for their loyalty to the sports betting platform. The multi-lingual customer service is outstanding and customers can always find an attentive professional waiting to respond to queries on the live chat at any time of the day. The whole purpose of having an online gaming and sports betting platform is to be able to offer a variety of exciting and potentially lucrative products to people from all over the world so that they can engage in quality entertainment in various venues that are renowned for the superb service as well as outstanding graphics and sound. Register a new account today with BetVictor Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £25.


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Ladbrokes Sport Has it All

Ladbrokes Sports offers a very vibrant sports betting platform online for millions of punters around the world who have learned to value the lengthy experience that Ladbrokes has under its belt as well as the integrity and trust that is synonymous with the Ladbrokes brand in general.

Ladbrokes has an excellent gaming and sports betting platform where you only need to register once to gain access to all the products on the platform. These include Ladbrokes Poker, Ladbrokes Casino and Ladbrokes Bingo which are all beautifully presented in a colorful and harmonious format that is easy to use and totally secure. Punters enjoy a shared wallet policy simplifying the process of depositing and withdrawing cash for different products by establishing one account for everything.

Simple, Fun and Lucrative!

You only need one user name and password to gamble at Ladbrokes so there is no annoying confusion and frustration from mixing up the different passwords that plague people’s lives in the computer age. Ladbrokes is fully aware that customers come to the platform for relaxing entertainment and want to have the simplest and safest access that is possible. Ladbrokes uses the most advanced encryption technology to protect its customers’ transactions and all the data that relates to customers private details.

You can sit back and chill when you log on to Ladbrokes as it is fun, safe and there are plenty of money making offers and bonuses up for grabs on every occasion. Watch Ladbrokes TV on your computer and mobile phone every day of the week in marvelous picture quality and print out the program, keeping to hand so that you never miss the most interesting televised events. Register a new account at Ladbrokes Sport today using our link below and the bonus code FB50 to get your welcome free bet of up to £50.


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PartyBets Offers a Fabulous Service

PartyBets is a sensational online bookmaker with all the cutting edge technology incorporated to make your betting experience totally inspirational. Not only is the broad selection of 90 sport options offered excellent but you can place your bets live making the experience more engaging and entertaining as you watch the action directly on the page.

The graphics are bright and well defined making the viewing pleasurable and you can chat with fellow members of the PartyBets community directly from the page for absolutely free. Share tips and opinions, getting a new take on the situation or event that interests you from people who could well be living in the place where the event is actually happening. It’s a very sociable experience to chat with like-minded people located all over the world and brought together by PartyBets to share their experiences, disappointments and victories!

Download the App to Your Mobile Today

PartyBets is offering the complete betting service in superb color with fabulous graphics and total security to your mobile phone allowing you to enjoy your entertainment as you move around. You will never have to miss any great money making opportunities again or wonder what the result was of your bets. It is completely free to download the app for your phone and you will wonder how you ever managed without it. The wealth of information, news and comment is great for reading and informing yourself as you commute to your work allowing you to reflect on what to bet on next. Register a new account today with PartyBets through our link below and discover a world of exciting and profitable leisure.


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Get Your Share of the Rewards Offered at 888Sports

888Sports offers a marvelously innovative online sports betting service with a whole string of hot promotions. The promo page is spectacularly presented with superb graphics shown in warm orange colors against a dark grey background making the site look attractive and friendly. The 888Sport team has come up with a great range of promotions which are truly sizzling in the time leading up to the end of 2012 ensuring that the punters get fabulous entertainment as well as great rewards from their wagers on the various sporting events.

Wager on a Range of Interesting Events and Shows

Loyalty to the 888Sports brand is richly rewarded with bonuses and punters who manage to make the correct predictions about the Champions League are able to win iPads which they can use to make mobile bets with 888Sports. You are not limited to placing your bets on sporting events but can wager on the various awards such as BBC Sports Personality of the Year as well on political events including which party will win more seats in the next UK General Election.

You can also request the various options available to bet on that may not be listed on the home page due to a lack of space. The popular TV shows where winners are chosen by the general public as well as the judges are also included under TV shows and you can predict the winners of the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Check out the marvelous selection of markets at 888Sports today and register a new account using our link below and you will be sure of getting your free bet of up to £50.


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Discover the Huge Merits of William Hill Sports

William Hill Sports has been operating on the internet since 1998 demonstrating the inherent ability of William Hill to adapt and move with the times in a very pro-active manner. Since it was set up as a small sports bookmakers in 1934 it has built up a reputation for honesty and integrity with people all around the UK and following the migration to the internet, has become well known all over the globe.

William Hill Sports has set up its very own radio station which runs daily throughout the year providing in play commentary which is exciting and energized. The commentary is done by well-known sports personalities who know their stuff very well and give it the necessary thrilling interpretation that makes William Hill Radio so unique. You can listen whilst you do other tasks enjoying fabulous descriptive talk which brings the individual events to life and make you envisage the event as the commentator speaks.

Exciting Racing Commentary Daily

You can almost feel the vibrations of the hooves on the horse racing track as the commentary ‘hots up’ during each race that is closely followed with great passion and excitement. William Hill Radio not only provides comments on the events as they occur but discusses race related matters such as the form of the horses and the jockeys, interesting background gossip that you may never have heard making it an all-together entertaining and informative radio station.

Listen up for the tips of the day and prepare to make a bet that counts every time with all the knowledge that is coming your way from the commentators who are always in the know. Register a new account today at William Hill Sports using our link below and the bonus code F25 and you will get a free bet of up to £25.

Get your William Hill bonus today!