Enter the PokerStars Sunday Million

You certainly don’t have to be a professional poker player or a poker legend to play in the notoriously exciting Sunday Million tournament at PokerStars. Casual players can have the wrong perception of the most valuable online poker tournament in the world often thinking that it’s only the seasoned players with masses of online tournament experience that can enter the amazing Sunday Million battle every Sunday at PokerStars. Not only do casual players enter the great Sunday Million tournament but they also win regularly making a name for themselves and advancing their poker ‘careers’.

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PokerStars Created the Moneymaker Effect’

Everybody needs to make a start somewhere so try to become the next Chris Moneymaker, the 27 year old accountant who won an $86 satellite to get to the WSOP in Vegas in 2003 where he won the World Series of Poker title. Since that time, PokerStars has benefited from the ‘moneymaker effect’ as players dream of replicating his phenomenal success at the tables. It put online poker on the map and has seen the game explode on line into a favourite pastime for millions of enthusiasts.

There are now more than 100 million players registered at PokerStars and the attraction of the card room where the action never stops has not waned at all for good reason. It hosts the most valuable online tournaments and gives players multiple possibilities to play without spending a lot of cash to take part.

It costs $215 to buy your seat directly to play at this incredible No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament where $1 million is guaranteed by the PokerStars card room no matter what. The winner walks away with a minimum of $150,000 and the rest of the pot is shared out with the players who end up in the money at the final table. It’s not a bad payout for a few hours doing what you love best on a Sunday.

As the Sunday Million tournament has grown in popularity the actual prize funds often exceed the guaranteed funds by a long shot so the winner usually gets more than the 150 K up for grabs and the rest of the players fare better than they thought possible. It’s definitely a scintillating way to boost your bank roll and set you up for great things in the world of poker where the sky is the limit at PokerStars.

Satellites are Key to Advancing at PokerStars

Satellite tournaments are scheduled several times a day at PokerStars especially for members of PokerStars who want to ‘work’ their way to the top. It costs as little as $0.55 to sit down at a satellite or use your Starscoin earned from playing in real money games and tournaments at PokerStars. Everybody accumulates Starscoin as part of the loyalty scheme so use your Starscoin to get yourself in several of the great Sunday tournaments at PokerStars as well as a whole lot of other amazing tournaments hosted throughout the week. Check out the Saturday tournament schedule as it has really taken off in recent months making it almost as lucrative as the Sunday offering at PokerStars.

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Learn About Tournament Play at PartyPoker

Play at Party Poker now!PartyPoker is an exceptionally comfortable venue to play at as customers are eased in to their new card room in a chilled out manner that doesn’t put pressure on them in any way. Many people would really love to sign up to an online poker room but are hesitant because of a lot of pre-conceived ideas they may have formed in their minds due to negative reports from players who made bad choices or didn’t really study the venue and every option available to the members.

PartyPoker makes players feel very welcome from the very beginning by giving a superb sign up bonus matching the initial deposit to the new account and freeroll tournament opportunities which should not be underestimated. New Players are invited to participate in a $1,500 freeroll which literally cost nothing to enter but you can win your share of the guaranteed prizefunds giving your bankroll a nice boost.

Boost Your Bankroll on a Regular Basis

Every month PartyPoker schedules freeroll tourneys with funds totaling over $100,000 for all its customers making sure that players always have a chance to practice tournament play without any personal risk and can win some cash to embark on more lucrative games and tourneys. Playing tournament poker is an art which needs to be acquired and it is confidence building if you know that you are not going to empty out all the funds that you have budgeted for the month.

Freeroll tournaments allow you to get more aggressive than you may otherwise have been and permit you to try out strategies that you perhaps would never have dared to employ. Register a new account today at PartyPoker using our link below and the bonus code RIDER500 to ensure that you get the welcome bonus of up to $500.


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888Poker Launches Satellite Qualifiers for Super XL Series of Poker

Be part of the action that has just kicked off at 888Poker with the online Super XL Series of poker events boasting a massive guaranteed total of $2 Million. The Super XL Series is a milestone in the history of 888Poker as never before has so much money been guaranteed in a poker event over the internet by this award winning card room.

The tournament competition events open on Saturday 17th November to a virtual fanfare with 3 diverse tournaments headed up by the $100,000 guaranteed Opening event at 19.35 GMT. The opening night also offers a $5,000 Knockout event and a $15,000 Super XL Hurricane tournament which will surely make for an adrenalin surge!

Sunday 18th October promises to be a super action, ‘Super XL day’ with $538,000 guaranteed in a whole range of very diverse tournaments which will meet the various demands and expectations of the diverse membership at 888Poker.

The whole week is scheduled to host tournaments during the evenings with an average of $120,000 guaranteed every day. The biggest and best is set for the 25th November which will be remembered as the XL Super Sunday at 888Poker with a whopping $945,000 guaranteed over 12 separate tournaments with names like Hurricane, Tornado, Twister and Cyclone!

Fantastic Value in a Unique Poker Series

The Main Event which promises to be the jewel in the crown for 888Poker kicks off at 20.00 GMT with $500,000 guaranteed. You can see the whole qualifying structure set out under the Super XL tab on the tournament page at 888Poker with buy in fees set out for players who want to register and buy in directly to individual events. The daily satellite tournaments that will enable thousands of players to get to those final tables for a tiny fee of as little as 8 cents have already begun with feverish anticipation and excitement reigning in the card room. Register a new account now with 888Poker using our link below and you will be welcomed with a sign up bonus of up to $400.

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Betsafe Poker is a great place to play tournaments

Betsafe Poker have something special to offer tournament players. Each month there is no less than $15,000,000 on offer in huge online tournaments. Besides the many guaranteed tournaments you will also find an excellent range of freerolls where you can easily build up some poker capital.

These freeroll tournaments are ideal for new players who have yet to acquire the skills to play in cash tournaments with confidence.

Live events are given high priority at Betsafe Poker as they offer you the chance to qualify for the WSOP, GSOP and many more exciting events taking place around the world.

$15,000,000 in monthly guarantees

With $15,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools every month, Betsafe Poker is an amazing place to play tournaments. Every Sunday there is something extra to play for if you buy into or qualify for the big Championchip tournament. For $190 + $10 you can play for at least $200,000.  Without a doubt, this tournament is the highlight for all tournament players at Betsafe Poker, so be sure to be there when it begins every Sunday at 18.00 CET.

For players who enjoy Rebuy tournaments you will find a $100,000 tournament with unlimited rebuys hosted every Sunday. This is a brilliant opportunity to win a lot of money if you missed out on the Championship tournament.

For further details visit Betsafe Poker now and discover all there is on offer including their many poker bonus offers.

NordicBet Poker tournaments for beginners

There are plenty of exciting tournaments for beginners at NordicBet Poker. You can play against new players at very low stakes but still have the opportunity to win great prizes. To meet lots of players, you can play both the STT and MTT tournaments with very low entry fees and superb prizes. This is an exciting way to start playing poker for real money without risking too much of your cash.

With buy ins as low as €0.01 + €0.01 its obvious that more or less anyone can join and become a better player still playing for real cash. You can play each day in 2 different SNG tournaments with entry fees of €0.06 and €0.11 respectively. These tournaments run for 24 hours a day and are a good way to get started and give you a real chance to improve your game fast.

Monday night is the highlight!

The absolute highlight for the less experienced or new players with NordicBet Poker is Monday night. They offer a €100 guaranteed tournament where you can play for just €1.10. With these low entry fees and the big prize money, it’s undoubtedly a tournament that is worth playing in for hobby and low stakes players, so don’t miss this tournament which starts at 18.00 CET.
Besides the numerous cash tournaments NordicBet Poker also offers a wide selection of freerolls that you can participate in. It is completely free and gives you the chance to win cash or tournament tickets which can be used to what you want.

 25 Euro Instant bonus opportunity

Check out all these money making opportunities at Nordic Bet Poker and learn to play poker the right way and at the right entry fee. The best news is that you get a €25 instant bonus as a new depositing player so you will have extra money to play with immediately!

SCOOP 2011 starts soon at PokerStars

Soon the world’s largest tournament series at PokerStars again open its doors for crazy big tournaments. SCOOP is an abbreviation for Spring Championship of Online Poker and has for years sent poker players from around the globe on top in the crazy big tournaments.

This year’s edition of SCOOP is no exception, and now PokerStars has unveiled the all incredibly large prize sum that will sound at $45,000,000 in the 2011 edition.

Normally these tournament series has very large buy ins and SCOOP is no exception. Fortunately, PokerStars has taken this into account their SCOOP tournament series. Every tournament in the major program will be held in 3 versions, each with its own level of buy in. Therefore, players of all conceivable levels have the chance to go out on top and win their life’s greatest prize in this year’s edition of SCOOP.

For as little as $ 5.50 you can play in the cheap version of their NL Hold’em 6-max tournament with rebuys. This tournament will be guaranteed at least $250,000 to play for and the tournament is also found in higher levels of deposits, respectively $55 and $530. With more than 38 tournaments and buy ins in all price ranges, there will be something for everyone at this year’s biggest online tournament series.

Besides the many opportunities to participate in various events, PokerStars as usual offer a wide selection of satellite tournaments, where you can get in cheap for the different types of tournaments for a fraction of the normal buy in.

Register as a player at PokerStars and play in the SCOOP 2011. You also get up to $ 600 in PokerStars Bonus by using marketing code PSP5957, when you register.


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Play in the USD 200000 Tournament at UB Poker

As the weekend draws to a close, the time comes for you to play in the biggest online poker tournaments. UB has one of the best tournaments on the Sunday program where you can compete for no less than $ 200,000.

This great tournament is one of the best tournaments currently on the Internet and it is highly recommended to create an account at UB so that you can play for the big prize pool every Sunday. With $200,000 in guaranteed prize money, the big Sunday tournament at UB is the obvious place to go for live action and guaranteed money.

UB is well aware that not all poker players can afford to pay the full deposit to participate in the tournament and therefore UB host major satellite tournaments every day where you can, for as little as $5.50, claim your seat for the big tournament every Sunday. All you need to do is partake in the daily satellites which run at UB to be in with chance of sitting at the big Sunday tournament.

In addition to this exciting tournament, there are other great reasons why you should register as a customer at UB today.

All new customers will receive a brilliant 111% sign-up bonus of up $1,111 in free bonuses. In addition, all new customers at Unibet will also receive a 30% rakeback deal. This great agreement between you and UB Poker is one of the best on the market and as a result it is strongly recommended to create an account at UB to avail of this great deal. 

Become a UB Poker player in a matter of minutes and you will then have access to a great sign-up bonus, a 30% UB rakeback deal and a big Sunday tournament where there is a guaranteed $200,000 in the prize pool?

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Play a USD 1500 tournament against Tony G at Party Poker

Tony G every Sunday hosts a exclusive bounty tournament at Party Poker. Play free for about $1,500 and a seat for the Monthly Million at Party Poker.

You probably know Tony G, which is notorious worldwide for his sometimes outrageous behavior and his flippant remarks at the poker tables. Now is your chance to put him in place in an online poker tournament at Party Poker. Tony G is in fact hosts his very own online poker tournament, called Sunday Bike Ride, where you for just 25 points can participate in the battle for a prize pool of $1,500 and a bounty for the one who beats Tony G out of the tournament.

If you manage to beat Tony G out of the tournament, you will receive a ticket to the Party Poker Million Monthly big tournament, which has $1,000,000 guaranteed in prize pool and has a deposit of $640. Should it happen that Tony G will not be knocked out of Sunday Bike Ride tournament and win the tournament. Then he will give the seat to the Monthly Million to the person who is 2nd in the Sunday Bike Ride.

To top it all you can by attending the Sunday Bike Ride collect points along the way for a leaderboard that runs over 3 months. The better position you get in Sunday’s Sunday Bike Ride, the more leaderboard points you collect. Top 9 on this leaderboard will be invited to play a Sit & Go tournament, where the winner wins a $10,000 WPT Party Poker package of their choice.

For those who have not yet tried to participate in one of Sunday Bike Ride tournaments, we can only recommend trying it. Especially for just being able to say that you have beaten Tony G out of an online poker tournament.

Sign up now with a Party Poker bonus of 100% up to $ 500 by setting up your account below and take advantage of Party Poker bonus code RIDER500.

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