News for poker

As the worlds’ poker community focusses on the 2018 World Series of Poker, this summer, May through to September, is full of many other live games and contests taking place in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with a variety of different prize pools and general rules.

The games will be held in various resplendent casinos in the country to give players who don’t intend to travel to Las Vegas a chance to clinch their prices in an exceptional atmosphere.

The first of the six Grosvenor series was held from May 31 to June 3rd at the Grosvenor Casino in Gunwharf, Portsmouth. Then from June 14th to 17th, Aberdeen and Cardiff cities will host two more events from the series take place.

Stockton and Luton will become hosts of two other events between the 21st and 24th of June. The final occasion in the series is scheduled to take place in Manchester.

Reading’s Grosvenor G will host the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour on the 3rd of June through to the 10th of June, as the fourth part of the tour.

One day special events are also to be held beginning with the Luton’s Grosvenor G Casino hosting one on June 3rd. Other activities including the €550 buy-in Monthly 8-Max, 888 The One and the Unibet UK Poker 2018 will be hosted at various venues across the UK and Ireland, during this year’s summer.