Superb VIP Scheme at PokerStars

pokerstars-online-pokerThe VIP scheme operated by the PokerStars team is a very rewarding scheme which gives players the possibility of getting as much as they possibly can from the PokerStars card room. It is left up to the player to decide what to do with his or her Frequent Player Points and the VIP points which they earn from their real money poker play at the cash tables and in the tournaments which begin every second in the PokerStars card room.

The higher the stakes that you play at, the more FPPs you will see dropping into your account as you are contributing more ‘Rake’ to the pot and benefiting the card room from your high level of play. Similarly you earn a lot more FPPs when you enter tournaments with a bigger buy in fee as it is the buy in fee which determines the number of FPPs you will be receiving from PokerStars. There are millions of players who are registered with this, the biggest and most pro-active card room in the world and a large proportion of these customers gain huge advantages and benefits from playing at the cash tables and in the tournaments both online and in ground based casinos which are often the location of poker tournaments.

Non Stop Action

The excitement and the action never cease for a second at PokerStars as people from all over the world frequent the card room during different times of the day and night according to their time zones so the card room is always bubbling with chat on the blog and with players exchanging views with other players. Register an account now with PokerStars using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 to get a welcome bonus of up to $600.


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Join the Tasteful BetVictor Casino

Betvictor pic for every productBetVictor Casino is the perfect example of how playing casino games online can be a far superior experience than actually getting dressed up and heading off to a bricks and mortar casino unless you live on the main street of Las Vegas in the USA and you can just pop out for a few games whenever you feel like it. Most people are not in that thrilling location which makes the BetVictor Casino a fabulous option for gambling from your own home without the expense of going out and spending a lot of cash on things that are not directly part of the gaming process and do not bring you a return to your gaming wallet.

Brilliant Graphics and Sound

BetVictor Casino is an incredibly realistic online venue with a sublime selection of games that have been included to suit the tastes of just about every casino aficionado. If you are the eclectic Roulette player you will find an exceptionally well presented Roulette table that could be sitting on your table at home as it is so authentic in appearance. You are guided by the voice of the ‘dealer’ who tells you when to place your bets and you are shown options on the screen as to what to do next. The nice thing is that you are not placed under pressure to act quickly and are given the opportunity to cancel an action and begin again if you find you have pressed the wrong tab just as long as you have not begun the game in earnest. Register an account now with BetVictor Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £175.


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Unibet Sports Offers Excellent Sports Info

Unibet sports picChoosing your online sports book is a delicate matter that needs careful consideration as when you log on to place your sports bets you certainly don’t want to be embroiled in a massive amount of info which is not relevant to your desired sporting option. At Unibet you will find a simply set out sports betting platform which guides you in how to make your bets and offers support at any time you want it through an outstanding customer services centre.

Free Expert Advice for Customers

As soon as you log on you will find the ‘Armchair Experts’ tab right in front of you where you can read the blogs and follow the twitter comments of famous sports men who are specialists in their sport. Meet the Expert in Rugby, Gavin Hastings who captained the Scotland team and also the ‘British Lions’ offering valuable tips to rugby fans. You will also find Sir Ian Botham who has a fine reputation in the world of cricket and is reputed to be one of the best cricketers in the world as well as Goran Ivanisevic who is there to give you advice and tips about tennis which he knows a lot about as he has 22 world titles to his name. The Statistics page gives you a wealth of stats about all the sports represented at Unibet Sports and the possibility to get the info into perspective in such a way as to show you trends and possible ways to bet successfully. Unibet Sports does a lot to help its customers place informative bets so register an account today using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £25 in free bets.


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Bonus 4 Life Monthly at InterCasino

Intercasino logoLoyalty points are the foundation of the highly rewarding cash back scheme at InterCasino where you are entitled to get €1 back for every 100 loyalty points accumulated through real money game play. You decide when you want to claim the money that is available for you and it is not lost when you leave your points to pile up only converting your points to cash when you have a sizeable total.

In the meantime your accumulating points show the team at InterCasino just how active you are on the games suite and you will be sent a monthly Bonus 4 Life promotional e mail informing you of your personally tailored bonus offer. Your very own personalized bonus offer will reflect the games that you enjoy the most and will offer you superb bonus opportunities related to your game preferences.

Vivid Graphics and Smooth Software

Each of the game groups in the suite have different criteria for earning loyalty points with slots gives you more loyalty points for each unit of money wagered than playing Blackjack for example. You can check out the reward levels of each game on the website and play accordingly if you want to earn as many loyalty points as possible to achieve a certain bonus. This stunningly attractive venue was launched in 1996 when online casino gaming was unheard of initiating a mass migration to the internet of the most important gambling companies and bringing people all over the world the opportunity to enjoy gambling from the safety and privacy of their own homes. Register a new account now with InterCasino using our link below and get a match deposit bonus of up to €500.


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Innovation Is King at Betfair Sports

betfair sport new pictureBetfair Sports offers a sports betting platform that is full of sporting action at all times of day and brimming with specials and betting activity on many levels. You are able to bet before the start of a fixture on the thousands of markets posted every day, bet live in play and place bets from your mobile device on all markets on the sports betting platform. Betfair also offers a world class betting exchange that was actually the first one to be introduced on the internet in a revolutionary move that made history in the sports betting business. Punters are enabled through the exchange to place bets against each other and in this way millions of pounds are traded on the exchange in what is a thrilling and lucrative way to bet. This is a completely different option to the traditional sports betting where punters place bets against a sports book and either win or lose. The sports book benefits from the betting exchange by taking a small commission on the activity that punters engage in whether they want to offer odds which is termed ‘laying’ or accept odds offered by somebody else called ‘backing’.

Check Out the Cashout Feature

Another brilliant feature that is new to Betfair Sports is the concept of Cash out. This is for punters who place bets live during play and are given the option at any time during an event, represented on the screen by a timeline to lock in their profits or minimize losses from a bet by cashing out. Register a new account today with Betfair Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus in the form of a free bet worth up to £20.


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Ladbrokes Sports Makes Betting Fast and Convenient

ladbrokes sport horse racing picJust when you think that the odds just couldn’t possibly get any better or more rewarding for your selected betting markets, Ladbrokes Sports comes up with a ‘Price Boost’ on some high profile fixtures or events where suddenly the odds are sky high! You will find these kinds of amazing surprises on the home page on the day that the event is due to take place so make sure that you check out the markets nice and early to get the best offers for your favourite sports.

The Weekend Quickslip is another coupon that you must keep an eye on as Ladbrokes sports gives amazing bonus offers on this special coupon particularly on Saturdays when the sporting action is traditionally at its peak and punters have some time to sit down calmly to select the fixtures that look very hopeful for them. The Weekend Quickslip is the ideal coupon to get your wagers in fast and hassle free and is a superb option when you know exactly which sport and which markets interest you.

Will They Score or Won’t They?

You may be sitting on a bus or train or waiting somewhere and need to get your bets in fast before moving on to do your tasks for the day. The Weekend Quickslip is conveniently located under the Goalrush Coupon on the left side of the home page. Select the Goalrush Coupon in addition to your other bets where you simply need to choose an event and say whether Both Teams Will Score or neither Team Will Score. Register an account today with Ladbrokes Sports using our link below and include the bonuscode THREE10 where you get £30 in free bets when you bet just £10.


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Benefit From Livescore When Placing Sports Bets

livescore.dkLivescore is a great way for sports fans to stay fully up to date with the scores as they happen during games and fixtures anywhere in the world. Thanks to satellite technology and an internet system that is rapid and reaches all corners of the globe, it is now possible for sports fans to check scores at any time without having to wonder what is happening in a match or in several events. The television and radio has been superseded by the availability of livescore so that the TV is a great place to watch games as they are aired for the sheer pleasure of relaxing in front of an unfolding event.

Decide When To Cash Out!

Whilst you watch your game you can check the livescores of a multitude of sporting events taking place in other locations and on other continents. Livescore is a tool that can make sports betting fans a lot of money as it gives fans the information with which to place bets live in play. Some sports betting platforms also offer a cashout option for a punter to opt to stop the wager at a certain point in time before a game finishes and either cut his losses or take the gains even though they are less than would have been received from a successful wager at the end of an event. Sometimes you don’t want to risk a sudden change in the way events are unfolding so it is a perfect time to say, ‘enough is enough’. Betting live in play has become a very fast growing option pursued by sports betting fans everywhere and you can join them by clicking on our link below and joining one of our recommended sports betting sites.


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Join the Delighted Winners at BetVictor Sports

BetVictor Sports Free bet pictureThere are plenty of promotions offered by BetVictor Sports and to see just how often BetVictor actually paid out on recent special offers you just need to click on the ‘Recent Payouts’ tab on the left side of the page where the huge spectrum of sports are listed along with the Top Sports which are currently Football, Horse Racing and Darts. This decision to show to potential customers, even before they register a new account at BetVictor Sports the way that the public are paid out promptly and fully just as is promised on the home page shows exactly how transparent BetVictor Sports is and how the reputation for integrity and honesty stands just as it has always been the attractive point about

Victor Chandler Makes His Presence Felt

Victor Chandler who is still a very active person on the team at BetVictor still engages in the day to day decisions and often posts some incredibly generous offers to reward the customers for their loyalty to the sports betting platform. The multi-lingual customer service is outstanding and customers can always find an attentive professional waiting to respond to queries on the live chat at any time of the day. The whole purpose of having an online gaming and sports betting platform is to be able to offer a variety of exciting and potentially lucrative products to people from all over the world so that they can engage in quality entertainment in various venues that are renowned for the superb service as well as outstanding graphics and sound. Register a new account today with BetVictor Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £25.


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Luxurious Players Club at Betfred Casino

betfred casino pictureThe Betfred Casino offers a truly sumptuous virtual venue to its customers and when you show dedication and loyalty to the venue by visiting frequently and wagering on a regular basis you can expect to get a personalized invitation to join the exclusive Players Club. All new VIP customers begin at the lowest level which is the Bronze level and they will be given a bonus every month when they deposit more than £15 to the account as the initial deposit of the calendar month. You may think that it is totally unimaginable that players get surprise cash drops into their accounts as a ‘Thank You’ from the Betfred Casino team making this a very friendly and thrilling casino to be a VIP member.

Re-load bonuses are a very important feature of the Players Club with up to £100 being awarded each month to players and on top of all these treats you get personal invites to special promos that are only for the members of the Betfred Players Club making for a very cozy time whilst you rake in the cash.

Slots Give Massive Rewards

Whatever casino game you choose to play on will earn you very important comp points which are given to you as complimentary rewards in place of the food and beverages that you would enjoy in a ground based casino. The comp points are convertible to cash with 100 points giving you a British pound to take to the tables or the slots. Bear in mind that all the slots games generate three times more comp points than any other game in the suite so discover the superb video slots and arcade games with burgeoning jackpots waiting for your lucky strike. Register a new account today at Betfred Casino using our link below and you will be rewarded with a welcome bonus of up to £200.


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Ladbrokes Casino Leads the Way Forward

ladbrokes-casino_small pictureIt is a great time to be a VIP at Ladbrokes Casino as the benefits and advantages are absolutely breathtaking making it the leading VIP Club offered by reputable online Casinos. VIPs are invited to join the exclusive club when they regularly wager 7,500 chips each month proving loyalty and commitment to Ladbrokes fabulous casino. A dedicated VIP loyalty manager contacts potential members and the extraordinary benefits are explained clearly as the VIP Club is not only prestigious but potentially enormously lucrative for its members. There are very high stake tables where you can enjoy playing with fellow VIPs, superb free tickets to live events, free chips to use at the tables and plenty of superb prizes handed out randomly.

Quality Games for Great Entertainment

Ladbrokes launched its ground breaking online casino venue in 1996 powered by MicroGaming which develops and operates the most sensational games found today online. Ladbrokes Casino offers 540 of these fabulous games of which 300 are slots which are reviewed and updated regularly ensuring that they remain popular with the customers.

New games are added on a regular basis with old, less popular games removed keeping the venue bright and fresh just as it should be. You can learn to play any of the games in the venue with instructions given on the website allowing you to broaden your scope and enjoy the fantastic variety on offer. There is no reason to stick to the old favourites just because you know how to play them as there are great opportunities to win plenty of lovely cash and greatly enhance your entertainment experience by being more adventurous. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Casino using our link below and get your welcome bonus of up to £750.


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